Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12-17-14 Munchery™ Day 3 - Wednesday!

haha got home and amazon felt the need to be dominant over my munchery. okay fine!
the order today was for 4-5p. it was the steak dish.
sure enough, around 4p i got a text from munchery informing me that Rud is delivery my meal today instead of paul. this was to my surprise, but no matter. i guess there's only so much you can fit inside one tote because i got a subsequent text from munchery that apoligized for laying my tote on it's side otherwise my food wouldnt fit! haha so much attention to detail. Thanks!


the tote still works well on it's backside. it has even more room!:


so Rud neatly stuffed the whole bag into the tote, i bet he got here before the rain started because the bag wasnt wet like yesterday:


somehow i was very drawn to this quote on the side here that says "eco-friendly everything". i like this approach. i'm starting to notice all the little notes they leave behind:


i laid out the bag for size comparison to yesterday. the same size paper bag is used. i really believe in paying extra for a paper bag, one it's biodegradable. two, it helps eliminate plastic bags used which saves the enviroment:


inside the bag are 4 containers, one fresh squeeze orange juice, one cylindrical small container, one larger cylindrical container, then the main course in a sleeve and what looks like a transparent packaging:


at this point i realized what i had wanted some fruit, but little did i know i ordered some complex fruit dish. i thought to myself, how can Kid's Fruit Salad be complicated.. it even has instructions:


yesterday's coffebar coffee was so good that i decided to try more items from their menu. at least someone in sf heard my idea for beverage deliveries. good job:


tonight, i'll be having the Grilled Bistro Steak. the menu photo made it look like a very full bodied meal. couldnt wait to see what's inside:


here is another note i only noticed today. these little mantras for their company also help promote yourself. these are the best messages. thus, i'm glad i'm #eatingbetter:


today's instructions were simplier. just an oven heating for 8-10 minutes. 2 sauces both in the microwave, just like my previous experience:


oh man, the steak already looks good. it was cooked to a perfect medium rare, then chilled. as i read the instructions more clearly, it says the biodegradable tray is oven safe. the sleeve actually tells you to heat the food in the tray, DO NOT REMOVE:


okay, it says remove all plastics. this comes off:


this dish also has chimicurri. it's served with a cheddar potatoe lasagna type carb:


350F, for 8-10 minutes. i was busy putting away some stuff so i was late to start the timer:


8-9 minutes after, everything was perfectly heated so i pull it out of the oven. the steak is broiled to a perfect brown and finishes cooking:


the texture looks perfect! the plating is pretty challenging with this dish:


it is served with a red wine sauce, heat 15-30s in the microwave. thick and chunky when it is poured. the lid exploded inside my microwave:


final step is to lay on the chimicurri sauce. super virgin olive oil per usual. this sauce is in a larger container than yesterday's:


okay, time to prepare the kid's fruit salad. this almost has a many ingredients as the entree. inside the container is more of a juice although munchery says it's a sauce:


first you're supposed to pour the sauce over the fruit and mix, then add the coconut and berries over:


this meal looks very balanced. the herbs arent as fragrant as yesterday's meal but it's a good protein aroma:


here's a bite i made for the test. the steak was so tender! cutting it was a really satisfying sensation. served with zuccini, carrot and the cheddar potatoe lasagna:


grabbed my bottle of 2 buck chuck, red wine for red meat is how i was brought up:


i always put on the aerator when pouring. the process automatically breathe oxygen as the wine enters the glass:


at this point i couldnt believe the perfect texture of the steak! WOW! steak is one of my favorite things to eat and one of my favorite things to cook, but this just blew my mind. so tender, flavorful, juicy. perfect:


my only comment on this kid's fruit salad is that this looks too gourmet. i'm just trying to fill my food pyramid. this is eating too well. i dont deserve this!:



here i am all done with everything. it was on par with yesterday's meal. by the time i got to my last few bites, hell's kitchen is on. it's just a coincidence. chefs are tastebud ninjas:


after the meal i pulled up tomorrow's menu. what is this?! i'm already too late to order a few items on the menu? this must be the return of a very popular dish. the Kalbi, Kimchi dish. wow:


so plan b. i've always been eyeing this dish. so far it's been on the menu everyday:


it's crazy to think why these are sold out. demand? limited supply? ordering after 10p the day before is officially too late? this other kid's pasta is sold out too. i suddenly got a rush of the feeling you get when you stand in the cold in line waiting for the creme brulee truck and when you get to the window, they told you they just sold out:


oh! but i'm glad paul is back as my delivery entrustee! until dinner time tomorrow!:




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