Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12-16-14 Munchery™ Day 2 - Tuesday

okay day 2 of my Munchery™ challenge week!
got home early to wfm, the rain started pounding pretty hard
i forgot i ordered for early delivery, so of course Paul from Munchery shows up while i grab some blueprints from my car outside.
He hands me the bag today instead of going to my doorstep and asks if that's for me. i thank the man and gigglingly brought the bag of goodies inside!

alright so i guess they typically would bring a super ecofriendly paper bag with your food inside, then put it into your tote:


i dont think Paul had an umbrella today. the package got a little wet! i can just smell the delicous roasted chicken aroma:


i got excited when i remembered i ordered a coffee bar dolce vietnamese coffee along with my order. to be honest, i've always dreamed of having starbucks delivering. dream come true 5/10:


here's everything laid out as today's order:


i wanted to try something for the oven today so i had ordered the Roast Chicken with Chimchurri:


It's the same snug construction box with the sleeve, one hand removal:


the prep time for this reheat is 10-12m. no big deal. i had mentioned gas stove top is the best, but gas oven is actually not as consistent as an electric oven:


inside the box today is a piece of roast chicken leg (flavored), green beans with onions and carrots, and mashed potatoes. along side is the au jus and the chimchurri for dipping:


the chicken is full of fat and ready to be cooked. i think the super virgin olive oil spilled out of the chimchurri sauce during delivery and covered the bottom side of the chicken:


i dont use my oven alot, so it took me a few to figure out how to preheat. 350*:


the mashed potatoes already looked buttery:


okay, so i'm supposed to heat the au jus separately. following instructions correctly is one of the harder parts of this setup:


yup, all the olive oil is gone:


no problem, i filled it up with olive oil i have in the pantry. mixed it up, good as new:


i laid out the food to be heated on a layer of foil on a cookie pan. i didnt prepare too much for drainage because i was expecting the oils and fats to be carmelized just on the surface:


from the stove top and into the fire. i cant describe the aroma, it's smells like lamb based dish. it has a bit of a game scent to it and i like it!:


the instructions say 10-12 minutes at 350F but since i have to compensate for the inconsistency of the gas oven, i turned up the heat to 375F and set the timer for 11 minutes (the average):


10 minutes in, i remember to heat the au jus in the microwave. it's hard to heat something with this little volume in anything else, 10 seconds:



i couldn't wait to try the first delivery coffee in my life. popped open the cap, and took a sip. fragrant, just sweet enough and full of roast:



since it's night time, i cant drink too much of this stuff. so i plan on saving it for the morning. ice coffee can be consumed any time of the day before the 15 hour halflife:


my studio apartment fills with this aroma i cant describe. that means the cooking is complete and ready to be served:


the chicken is perfectly caramelized on the skin, mashed potato is perfectly browning at the bottom and the greens are looking the perfect shade:


i plated the meal as close to the menu photo as possible. then followed instructions and poured the hot au jus on the crispy skin of the chicken:



chimchurri sauce in plate, i mixed a little of the left over chimcurri with some mash potatoes to create another shade of mashed. at this point i was so ready to be served:


i dont know how they did the carrots but i was so surprised it wasn't mushy. i collected a small bite of roast chicken, green beans, onions, regular mash and topped it with the chimcurri, put it in my mouth. An explosion happened. it was Delicious! Everything was Tender! Perfectly Seasoned! Perfectly Gourmet:


i think the highlight here is the chimcurri dip. this adds to the special herb they used to marinate the chicken, it's completely an aroma and palate i've never tasted before:


also a plesant surprised the rain came down HARD at this perfect moment, solidifying my bliss:


i dont know how but this turned into one of the best meals i've had in my life. i can't say any more:


tomorrow, i will be going beef. hopefully i wont be too stuff from the company potluck:


i decided to try a few other sides and i needed a fruit intake for nuitrients:


vitamin C. you always can have more vitamin C:


today was another success. can't wait for tomorrow's challenge of my expectations. Today's meal will be hard to top:




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