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Wednesday, September 05, 2018


headed to banff this labor day weekend
saturday, flew out of sfo with tracy into calgary
grabbed some tim horton ofc, come back later
headed into glacier national park
the valleys are crazy deep
grabbed bison steak then chilled at the airbnb
sunday checked out and hiked grinnell glacier
stopped by chief mountain then headed back into calgary
grabbed dinner at nando's~ bomb chicken liver and peri peri chicken
checked into banff at mightnight
monday woke up at blue mountain
headed into lake louise after the rain
got lucky and was able to get into moraine. holy the water is so tiffany blue here
after stopped by peyto lake for sunset and got some shots
drove back and grabbed dinner at seoul country
kbbq ribs and bibimbap always bomb
yesterday morning woke up and stopped by the fjallraven store
headed back to louise and did some canoeing
magical place









































































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