Thursday, December 18, 2014

12-18-14 Munchery™ Day 4 - Thursday

okay, today is day 4 of the munchery week i'm doing.
between testing the new secrets app and going back on yak, i gotta prepare dinner sometime.
so i opened my door and brought the cooler inside.


since so many items were sold out last night, i was left with the only dish that continuously shows up on the menu, the Brisket. no shenanigans with tipped over totes or rain today. pretty simple 1 course:


i always get excited to see what it looks like:


you can see the chilled briskets through as you begin taking off the sleeve:


the menu photo had the dish drenched with sauce. sort of like a stew looking dish. naturally i wondered if the sauce-food ratio would be adequette. same 350F heat, 15 minutes today:



Brisket with mushroom pasta and a tangy carrot pineapple dish. or at least i think it was pinapple. i tried opening up the app to get the full description of the ingredients but it doesnt let you see that. no photo, no description, only 1 line that says Mom's Brisket Pot Roast:



step 1 was pour the sauce over the meat. easy enough:


i think the biodegradable, oven-safe trays are a really good idea. no clean up, super easy especially in an office enviroment:


this note was quirky: "Enjoy! Don't forget to call your mother!" what a good reminder:


350F, in it goes. at this point there i dont especially smell the meal. no strong ingredients i suppose:



while the entree is heating, i fire up the munchery app to see if the scarcity is anything like last night. a few new items popped up as new, even from since 2pm. ooooooO, a new item is fish. i'll have that tomorrow!:


the FAQ says you can order food 2+ days or even the whole week in advance. but so far, i havent figured out how to go beyond "tomorrow". and tomorrow will be the last day i get munchery until i actually crave it. what i'm realizing is that using this service, i'm sacraficing the ability to go out to dinner on an whim with friends when i know i already have an order coming my way. the latest you can still cancel your order is 10a. i'm usually not thinking about food by then like i would if 4:30p came around:


15 minutes of deciding what to eat goes by and the timer goes off, i can smell something delicious:


yes it definitely has a homecooked pot roast aroma. my tastebuds light up even though i binge and had eaten almost half a dozen hawaiian bread rolls at the office:


it's hard to plate this. again, i wish there was more sauce. it seems like the sauce is the heart of this meal and if i didnt slather sauce all over, it doesnt look like pot roast:


i'm not sure if slow cooker is the trick here, probably. the brisket smells wonderful and the mushroom pasta looks delicious:


one complete bite containing carbs, pasta, brisket, and tangy carrot. the meat is soft, falls right off the bone kind of texture that you'd expect. the tanginess has an unusual vegan spice or herb that i wasnt a fan of. the review i will write on the app will be "very vegan, minus the meat.":


so until tomorrow. it'll be the fried fish with mashed squash. Day 4 wasnt as sucessful as the other meals. maybe it would have been better if i was able to order the kalbi kimchi in time. i guess i'll know better next time around:




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