Saturday, November 16, 2013

yesterday and today
christmas is coming, grabbed pickles for lunch with chelsea, took some vitamins at work haha, thx kooks
drove down to grab something in santana row for brianc
met up with jaye and grabbed some boba
headed over to belmont and hung out with jackie and mari
grabbed dinner with mari at wingstop OMNOMNOM
today dina brought roxxee in! it was a dog park at the office before we expand next door haha
grabbed lunch with butters chelsea and leon at ohgane korean bbq, chelsea's first time! haha hope you liked it
got off early and met up with jenn at the store then did some site visit for work on rengstorff
grabbed plutos for dinner while mari was still in class at USF hashtag@michelin
picked up crissy and headed to the apt
pregamed with renee thomas and paul stopped by
headed down mission to grab drinks and met up with john and lila haha
good ride back!

haha, slacking off at work watching @sfbatkid:

haha butters, gratz on cards just like chelsea's! haha:

checking out the noah trailer:

wtf are you doing chels lol:

i feel bad tearing down this building:

haha, darlene's project!:

haha, batkid collateral damage:

my first lyft! thanks chels! haha:



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