Monday, November 18, 2013


pretty cool weekend yesterday and today
finally took charlie in to get working at the shop, so met up with zackie, thanks brah!
headed over to chrome, new shoes, THANKS SPENCER!! haha
picked up michelle from her work and got some drinks at purple kow for mari
mari met up with us on campus at USF and got to drink my drink and hung out with mari a bit haha
stopped by the apt to pick up my bike and yoyo from crissy and daniel! HAI! lol
finally got to phee and matt's place and hung out with Cerbie!
grabbed dinner with phee and matt at old saloon with alvin frankie and pearl
the rack of rips hit the spot so good~ thanks for the black and blues matt!
today got back home on park street and my parents caught me driving haha, so stopped by to grab breakfast with mama ao and papa scobie at oles
the chicken and waffle was pretty bomb for not being specialty!
stopped by a few bike shops in town, always love stone's displays!
finally got my cleats on the chromes
then hung out with mike for a bit at tapex
grabbed dinner with mari at hangten OMG SHRIMP is so bomb ass fresh!
had a great cool weekend



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