Wednesday, June 13, 2012


these are late
mari's birthday was pretty lovely
got mari at work on campus and drove down to carmel for her birthday => happy birthday special one!
the cute inn we stayed at was pretty legit. perfect view, food, locale, everything pretty much
woke up next morning at just hung out and relaxed on our balcony and had breakfast
headed over to the town and enjoyed the scene. pretty artistic everywhere~ lots of inspirations
ate lots of prosciutto ham LOL. freaking delish pretty much everywhere we went
grabbed lunch at awshucks oyster spot. legit soups and stuff.
headed back to pacifica and got ready
grabbed dinner for mari with ashini mike mark jackie alvin micheal susanne and justo~ roy's seafood is always pretty bomb as usual and deserts were so rich. awesome
then a few shots from mari's dinner in larkspur => i think i like this place a lot

oh and some shots before mari's bday! venus pass equip =>:

the legendairy black campy records at mash => thanks drew:



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