Wednesday, June 13, 2012


this weekend was beka and jonathan's super wedding! so freaking excited
jon picked beka up from her place early in the morning and beka got pretty ready
grabbed lunch with oscar and mari before the wedding in southshore. american sushi rolls are too bomb!
met up with the fam at one of the most beautiful spots ive seen for a wedding
wedding was pretty bomb. celeste EVERYTHING! fKING LOOVE it so much cantexplain#
thanks alex for shooting the wedding!
headed over to the reception with mari bri adam anthony and enjoyed even more beautiful celeste BLASTTTTTT. so freaking gorgeous!
had the salmon florentine. was good stuff with the spinach extra touch. was so much food there LOL
had a lot of fun and a beautiful ass wedding. congratz guys! < 3 all day.

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