Friday, November 29, 2013


im thankful for everything haha
earlier this week was easy, chelsea got me those ferrero hippos, man so good,
wednesday grabbed lunch with butters and leon at shabu AYCE WOW LOLLLLLLLL so bomb! gotta come back, haha also the office is expansioning so stan tuned
got off work early so drove over and visited edward at chrome, thanks for the BEANS edward!
got philz and macaroons
stopped by michelle's to get purple kow then KTFOed haha
yesterday, too much food, making beans grinds again! pretty excited
woke up from nap and grabbed more boba to visit andrew at work
haha visited mucky at ada's then off the random black friday shanaigans
lol... more on the haul later

haha, black friday santa gave andrew a free chair, thanks mary@sportsauthority!:



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