Sunday, November 24, 2013


pre thanksgiving week everywhere this week haha
dina put together our thanksgiving lunch before my boss scott takes off to peru
the honeybakedham™ was so freaking bomb,
ate too much with chelsea kim leon butters brianc and im still eating the ham
met up with mari and michelle after work and caught the 1st showing at the atmos screen! i need to read the book now
friday chelsea drove the range in~ so much sand
grabbed lunch with butters leon and chelsea at chipotle, the bowls always hit the spot
got back to the house and finally got the package for my saddle haha so yum, also gifting dem uggpuppies# for christmas!
this morning grabbed french brunch at cafe jolie
the benedict was so bomb! macaroons were a bit too small
strolled around until michelle was ready
picked up michelle and grabbed some boba in balboa
i love the shot of michelle in front of the theatre
grabbed lunch with michelle in kome cuz yololo
finally got to practice and tried to get used to jim's setup, wasnt easy
pretty chill week

love my mophie case! thanks kae!!!:



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