Tuesday, November 12, 2013


fast tuesdays!
dropped my boss scott at work this morning, then had a site visit
our new design in sunnyvale, new building coming up?
cant wait to see it built haha
stopped by TSLA to get a shot for darlene my other boss's exhibit
got back and played yoyo with chelsea and butters
stopped by cj's shop cuz AAA sent me there, hope its nice, thx jimmy!
head over to michele's and oscar picked michele up for the first time in the miamia
haha hunted for ramen, grabbed ramen for dinner with michele and oscar at raman tomo in oakland
its okay haha, then more vape and yoyo with michele after
got ice cream on the way home! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM
still cant believe they opened this target in alameda haha, cant wait to check it out



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