Sunday, October 13, 2013


got up pretty early and picked up jaye
grabbed some coffeh and breakfast at philz, mint mojito always bomb!
grabbed psycho donuts for the first time! HOLY dat green tea! man omnomnomnomnom all day!
hit up hellyer for some sponsor work with steve and met @aerobanana, this kid is pretty good~ we'll see
stopped by to visit justin at work and checked out the TESLACONCEPTMODELX
thanks for TSLA water justin!
picked up michelle and hung out around university in stanford
grabbed dinner with justin and michelle at umami~ OMG slash burger was PERFECT amount of wasabi while waited for @mahreeyah hah
met up with criss daniel eric renay thomas at thieves and just messed around haha
grabbed mission burrito after of course
headed back to the spot and criss baked LOL ahha wish i stayed up damn




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