Wednesday, October 30, 2013


sunday was wild lol
picked up prescott and grabbed coffee, 1st round! lol dabbled in piano and fun stuffs!
drove back and linda came over and lol coffee round 2 took linda to philz because shes visiting and shes never been! haha
grabbed froyo after because i was hungry and thx @oscar for facetiming!
drove over and met up with phee for sushi before wicked woods
jackie and mark met up with phee and me and we did the halloweed of course! the course was pretty bomb!
haha after visited jaliya at work but got too tired
jaliya booked a room for me and shes gonna forget i owe her money lol~ thx for the discount doe jaliya!
haha then just a chill monday with chelsea leon butters, CARB WEEK!



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