Wednesday, September 04, 2013


haha havent slept in a few days~
monday woke up at lucky's place and just hung out with aly lucky bm randy and nathan, did some swamming
grabbed pho cuz raining and everything was pretty closed lol! thx luckypho!
stopped by randy's and picniced pretty hard~ then aly took me to bianchi street! OMG AHHAHA this is awesome haha we were playing hearts
got back on tuesday to ride the NEW BAY BRIDGE!
stopped by robert gray to drop off drinks and key
rode the NEW BRIDGE HECK YUS! went with ron andrew and saw christabel! haha
facetimed with aly then headed down for dinner and got some mint mojito philz
met up with lucky jaye justin fern and dre had lavics! the burrito orange saws is BOMB
nonstopeating# lol met up with spencer and hweihwei at milpitas.tap
back to work today lol grabbed lunch with chelsea but camera is broken LOL
haha alright need to get some sleep lolololol

hahahhaha artistic shot:

more art!:


super art!:

haha lucky yelling at barcodes:


"because the [....] is like an elbow:



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