Tuesday, September 10, 2013


i've never had the opportunity to be behind a mirror truck before, pretty cool
drive to work was pretty interesting this morning got to see a fiat with a hitch with a bike rack haha
couldnt focus at work all day so brianc and i just kept up with the apple event for 5S and 5C, pretty cool!
Also my boss Darlene's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE COHEN HAYES!
grabbed phoe with leon chelsea at pho saigon and it was BOMB!
but! LOL the vietnamese coffee made me HANGRY# for the rest of the day LOL #sosrorory
also check out pam's G35 that russ got her! pretty wild red!
got off and hung out with chelsea a little and did some maintenance on juliet
picked up oscar and just rode around a bit before cooling jeska down
had dinner with salame and brie and it super reminded me of the dinners i used to have in rome haha



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