Saturday, August 03, 2013


crazy focus day at work today, drove bunny to work fine LOL is an understatement~
grabbed swarma's with pops and the fam at zakikabob#s, the swarmas are so freaking delish~
met up with britt pat danny claire lauren danielmiller and adam for tonight's firewerksXgame! @buritani @moldygiraffe @patapat @olamolaconfectionery @claireified
game was pretty much over even before the 6th~
got ready for the firewerks, ready, set 3,2,1..
it was pretty cool, never seen this here before cuz always heard it from the house
will miss you guys alot britt and pat supernihon#



Jonextralarge said...

I know you went to the a's game in honor of my bday, thanks ^^


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