Sunday, August 25, 2013


rode this morning! finally haha been son long
picked up michele because i was craving crawfish since middle of night last night
haha ohai oscar too!
grabbed dinner with michele and oscar at hang11, have been meaning to try them so here we go!
the food was pretty good still! definitely would satisfy my cravings for boiling crab!
just hung out on park st becausewaitforrhonda# and checked out the arcade~ its pretty rad in there..
met up with david and alvina for dinner#2 at la pinata
fishtacos OMOMNOMNOMNOM didnt eat it yet!
grabbed some drinks after with david #realtalk at honor and saw alejxs!hiiiiii
got back to david's to check out the inu's~ man i kinda want one like shibo...
pretty cool night



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