Thursday, July 18, 2013


woke up early for meeting day
headed down with my boss scott to cupertino for our meeting
did some work after, visited our maude and mathilda baby!
grabbed swarmas for lunch at dash
met up with andrew after work to play with his new 6D. WOW its so quiet! great deal atm
andrew took a drive in bunny to meet up with lucky jenn and bm
grabbed PEPPER LUNCH for dinner OMBBBBMBMBMBMBOMBNOMNOMNOM really delish while huy and sarah were off doing shady buisness ;D
where else after duh, DAYTONA! wish we got enough tickets for a minion though
pretty good night. do it all over again!

our baby!:

My old tokina!:

lucky doing donuts lol!:

love winning 200 tix:

bm being friendly neighborhood tripod:




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