Sunday, March 06, 2011


yesterday and today
pulled the perfect crema in the morning
tlin brought in her coffee gear because she was going to teach me how to make vietnamese coffee at work with robert's setup. too bad there we didnt get to it. no worries! we'll all need on monday!
grabbed lunch with jonathan at le truc near work and i'm in love with their bleu cheeseteak sndwch. so freaking juicy!
stopped by cento for some blue bottle coffee afterwards. heard about the "cento shot" first time since i've been here so jon got that~ thx silvia you're so pro at creme art~
grabbed some suprepatches on the way back to work
woke up today and printed a few more shirts before stopping at arden
and the shots from last weekend finally got processed~ sorry guys enjoy!

can you guess my favorite color yet?

popeye! ;D :

ghettouniversity™ brah:

the shots from last weekend:

discovered this creamtop milk a week ago, its freaking bomb:

o hai:

i think this is my first interior shot:

oh! got my new chain on tuesday~ ITS SO TANK IM GONNA DIE!!!!

also if you're on the fence, this is a really good printout:


sarawr said...

i like matcha latte's. i get them at sbux. green tea latte. yum. kinda makes my tummy feel funny after though. damn being asian lactose intolerant

also, that chain looks like any other chain


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