Monday, December 14, 2009


So glad finals are finally over ;D
been inside lab for the pass 10+ days~ feels good to be free
its been raining alot this week. like ALOT.
got up today and krystle and i went to dimsum with george, jackie, quyen, and fanny in sac. i still like alameda's dimsum better.
went to the philipino market to stock up on longinesas! om om saw Jolleby lol. saw the real one too!
got a bunch of stuff, stuff is so awesomely cheap there lol.
saw this box of DVD's and the back of one said "twilight blab blah" so i pulled it out.. lol not what i thought it was haha.
been reading the 7th harry potter. twelve chapters into it now. cant wait for the 2 movies.
made grilled chicken ceasar salad for dinner.
break begins!


sarawr said...

lol to ur smart water bottles

Anonymous said...



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